LED L4 Wide Beam

Thanks to our own development and production, we have extremely large capabilities for custom designs and solutions.

A good example of our customization is the storage facility at Vänerhamn, which had existing wires above the truck lanes as well as a desire for strong lighting between the lanes. If this were to be solved with conventional fixtures, it would have required the installation of new wires and a larger number of fixtures.

To avoid this, we developed L4 Wide Beam, a high bay luminaire with a very large beam angle. A combination of ingenious technical solutions made it possible for the customer to retain their existing fixture positions and combine impressive energy savings with a low cost of installation, while getting a good work lighting in all important areas. Combined, this made our solution very cost efficient.

LED L4 Wide Beam

We always view our projects in their entirety, and create a lighting simulation for your special demands. Often this will require not only a strong, even, comfortable and efficient light, but also other factors which can lower your total cost, such as the number of light sources.

If you have a project that cannot be carried out with standard fixtures on the market, we are the right choice for you. Do not hesitate to contact our sales staff!