About Lumine


Lumine was established by Hamid Yousefzadegan in 1992 to launch high-quality, industry-specific energy-saving lamps on the market.

  • Lumine LED is one of the most innovative manufacturers of LED lighting since 2002 with own developed technology.
  • Lumine LED has its own leading technology and knowledge in the field of drivers, optics, materials (Solid State Physics) and production technology.

Solid State Physics

We choose raw materials for substrates and heat sinks for the best possible thermal conductivity. This results in longer service life and lower power consumption in our products.

Lumine LED’s optical technology

Integrated components in 6 steps provide increased light efficiency, especially at higher heights.


Our drives are selected to minimize efficiency drops and to maximize the lifespan of our products.


In our production, we integrate all components into a single unit. This leads to longer lifespan and the most cost-effective lighting solutions available on the market today.


Hamid Yousefzadegan
Managing Director