Portfolio Description

Lumine LED AB offers the market a professional LED lighting for sporting arenas.

As a professional manufacturer of LED lighting, Lumine LED has done many outstanding projects within Major Sporting Arenas.

Our latest project is Åby Bandy Arena, where we installed our L6 series.

This project is located in Åby about 2.5 miles north of Växjö. Åby Arena is a newly built indoor arena with excellent lighting, which meets all high standards for international games. The lighting in the arena is also approved for HDTV broadcasts.

Our L6 luminaire provides no glare and no light pattern on the ice surface that can distract. This gives the players a perfect light, which is required to see the ball very well over the entire ice surface.

With a light efficiency of 176lm/w, a lifespan of 100,000h and a uniformity of 95%, Åby Bandy Arena has got the most cost-effective lighting that can be obtained on the market. In addition, it meets all the requirements for sustainable lighting.

The Lumine LED fulfills all the strict requirements of a good and approved lighting for arenas that require HDTV broadcasts. In addition, Lumine LED provides exceptional solutions that fulfill your dreams of having the absolute best lighting for viewers and TV broadcasts TLCI> 95. Make your audience feel engulfed by the environment, LUMINE LED TLCI> 95 technology enhances magical experience that sport offers. Audiences, players and camera engineers will love it.

Please contact us for the most professional LED lighting on the market.

Regards / brgds!
Hamid Yousefzadegan, Excecutive President